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EPSC inspection requests, call 541-791-0116

As part of the City’s commitment to environmental stewardship and responsibility, the City of Albany maintains an Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) program. This program is designed to assist the City in meeting requirements set forth by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

This EPSC program is defined and authorized under Title 12 of the Albany Municipal Code.  The program has been developed to support the objectives of Title 12, which are to “provide for the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the City of Albany and to protect and enhance the water quality and natural functions of watercourses and water bodies through the regulation of stormwater discharges; to set forth uniform requirements for direct and indirect contributors to the stormwater system; and to enable the City of Albany to comply with applicable state and federal laws.”

EPSC Permits

There are two types of permits:

To apply for an EPSC permit, click the button below to be directed to our online application portal.

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A “land disturbing activity” is any activity that exposes the soil to erosion. An EPSC permit is required for land disturbing activities affecting a cumulative area of two thousand square feet or greater. However, the City’s EPSC program provides for the following exceptions:

  • Replacement or re-establishment of an existing lawn on a single lot, not exceeding ten thousand square feet
  • Agricultural activities which are defined as “private or commercial activities directly engaged in the production of nursery stock, sod, fruits, vegetables, forages, cover crops, field crops (grain, corn, oats, beans, etc.), timber, and livestock, or other related activities determined by the Director to conform to this definition; but shall not include construction or other activities for structures associated with agricultural activities”

Land disturbing activities must be performed in a manner consistent with Title 12 water quality requirements. This applies to all activities whether or not they meet the requirement for a permit. This means that no soils, sediments, concrete wash, or other pollutants may be allowed to enter public rights-of-way, the municipal stormwater system, drainage ways, creeks, streams, rivers, wetlands, or any other receiving Waters of the State.

Find out more about:

EPSC Manual

The City of Albany’s EPSC Manual has been developed to provide technical guidance for the design, installation, maintenance, and inspection of temporary and permanent erosion prevention and sediment control “Best Management Practices” (BMPs). The manual is intended for use by site designers, developers, contractors, and inspectors during all disturbed earth activities. It is further intended as an educational tool for members of the public and individuals interested in erosion prevention and sediment control.

EPSC Manual

Other Permits

A proposed activity that requires an EPSC permit may also require you to obtain other permits. Please be aware that issuance of an EPSC permit does not eliminate the need for compliance with other state, federal, or local regulations. Other permits may include:

Fill Permits

Fill permits may be required if the work involves grading, fill, or excavation over existing public utilities; on steep slopes; or in any water course.

Contact the City of Albany Public Works Department for more information about Fill Permits.

Floodplain Development Permit

Activities that hold the potential to increase the area affected by a 100 year flood or affect flows within a floodway require a Floodplain Development Permit.

Contact the City of Albany Community Development Department, Planning Division for more information about Floodplain Development.

Natural Resource Impact Review
Goal 5 Planning Process

A Natural Resource Impact Review is required for all development activities occurring within areas identified as significant natural resources within the City of Albany. These include wetlands, riparian corridors,  and protected habitats.

Contact the City of Albany Community Development Department, Planning Division for more information about Goal 5 protections.

Oregon DEQ Construction Related Water Quality Permits

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) requires a permit for construction activities affecting a cumulative area of one acre or more. This is the ODEQ 1200-C permit. However, the City of Albany is a 1200 CN jurisdiction. This means that land disturbing activities affecting an area greater than one acre but less than five acres do not have to apply for a separate ODEQ 1200-C permit if they are operating under an approved City of Albany EPSC permit. Activities affecting an area greater than five acres must obtain an ODEQ 1200-C permit in addition to obtaining a City of Albany EPSC permit.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Any proposed activity having an adverse environmental impact on an aquatic environment, including wetlands, requires a USACE permit. USACE permits may vary from national permits to individual letters of permission.

Contact the USACE for more information about permits related to working within waterways and wetlands.

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