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Republic Services

Republic Services is the disposal services franchisee for the city of Albany.

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Getting Started

Getting Started Living Green

Green your block

Plant a tree with the neighborhoods program. 

Green your cleaning

Make a safer choice for your family, river, and pets when Choose water-efficient plants adapted to our climate, or save money and make your own green cleaners.

Green your community

Volunteer for at least one environment-related community project.

Green your perspective

Enjoy the outdoors and share a picnic lunch with your family at a City park.

Waste Prevention

Waste prevention is an upstream activity that involves reducing waste through changes in the design, purchase, and use of materials. In its simplest form, waste prevention means using less stuff. Waste prevention has the potential for large environmental benefits because it typically reduces environmental impacts over all stages of the life cycle of materials: resource extraction, manufacturing, transportation and end-of-life management (such as recycling or disposal). For households and businesses alike, waste prevention can also typically save much more money than recycling or composting.

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Environmental Impacts of Food Waste

The production and consumption of food leads to significant environmental impacts, and an estimated 25 to 40 percent of all food produced or imported for consumption in the United States is never eaten. 

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Reuse and Repair

While both recycling and reuse (and repair) are promoted as methods of reducing waste, reuse typically is the environmentally preferable approach. Reuse maintains products in their original form and takes advantage of embodied energy, resources and impacts already incurred in the production of the original products. This is in contrast to recycling, which typically involves destroying the product and converting it into primary materials (resins, pulp, scrap metal, etc.) for use in making new products. While recycling is typically preferable to manufacturing from virgin resources, reuse offers significantly greater potential for conserving resources and reducing pollution.

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