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The Albany Municipal Code 7.84.120 defines grass, weeds and other vegetation as a public nuisance when it is:

icon 10high

More than 10 inches tall or the Fire Chief determines it is a fire hazard.

icon poisonoak

Poisonous to the touch, such as poison oak.

icon bbbamboo

Rampant (such as blackberries or bamboo) and crossing property lines, damaging fences or structures, or encroaching onto sidewalks or streets.

icon car

Blocks the view of oncoming traffic or blocks vision in areas around intersections and driveways.

What happens when a complaint is made?

  • After staff receives a complaint and verifies the code violation(s) a notice is sent to the property owner, or others in control of property, giving them 14 days to abate it.
  • If the work is not completed by the responsible party in 14 days, the City may do it and bill for the work.
  • If the nuisance poses an imminent danger, the City may do the work WITHOUT notice and bill the person responsible.
  • Details about the regulations can be found at AMC 7.84.120-170

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