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This map is updated weekly. Click on a marked shape to display details about a project. You can also filter by project type. 

About the types of projects on this map

 There are three project types shown on this map:

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

CIP projects are public infrastructure improvements needed to enhance service levels, address deficiencies, and provide for future growth. Examples of typical CIP projects are replacement of a water or sewer pipe, or street reconstruction.

CIP projects are typically managed and designed by Albany staff to meet state, city, and federal guidelines.

The CIP document covers a 5-year planning period and is updated every two years in conjunction with the city’s biennial budget. The projects listed in the first two years of the CIP are included in the budget. Current and past CIP documents can be found here. 

Site Improvement (SI)

A site improvement is a project that includes construction of public infrastructure for the development of private property for residential, commercial, or industrial use. An example of a typical SI project is a new subdivision, including streets, water and sewer lines, and stormwater quality facilities.

These projects are managed by a private development team that usually includes a Developer and Consultant Engineer. Albany Public Works staff issues permits for construction of public infrastructure, reviews plans, and provides construction inspection to ensure compliance with Albany’s standards and specifications. 


It is typical to have a 1-2 year warranty period following the construction and acceptance of public improvements. Inspections are completed to identify if there are any repairs that need to be made before the end of the warranty period.


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