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Water that washes off your property into the storm drain doesn’t go to a treatment plant — it goes straight into our streams. Storm drains can become clogged with leaves, tree branches and trash.  Clogged storm drains can lead to flooding in your streets, your yard and possibly your basement! Storm drains can also transport pollution like fertilizers, pesticides, pet waste and car wash soaps into our local streams and eventually into the Willamette River. Help keep people, fish, birds and wildlife healthy by keeping pollution out of our storm drains and rivers!  

 sw report

Report Stormwater Pollution

Help keep our local streams and lakes clean. Report any dumping, hazardous material, or garbage in the stormwater system.

You can do a lot to keep our waterways clean:

 sw auto


Keeping your car drip free is a great to keep pollution out of local streams! 

 sw pet


Pet waste can cause unsafe levels E. coli and other bacteria in our streams. Pledge to pick up after your pet to help keep our streams clean.

 sw waste

Waste Disposal

By properly disposing of waste you can help keep trash out of our streams. 

 sw yardcare

Yard Care

Pesticides, yard debris and overwatering can have harmful impacts on our local fish and wildlife. Learn how you can have a healthy, beautiful lawn and help protect our streams.

 sw volunteer

Get Involved

From tree planting to trash removal, Albany has several opportunities for you to get involved!

 sw sqf

Stormwater Quality Facilities

Albany has over 500 public and private stormwater planters that treat rainwater and help prevent flooding. 

More stormwater information can be found here

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