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The Friday Night Glow is full of joy and amazement for the entire family: brilliantly-colored balloons tower over the crowd, lighting up the night sky.

Half a dozen balloons participate in one of the Festival’s most popular events, the Night Glow on Friday only at dusk, weather permitting. Balloon pilots and crews set up the colorful fabric envelopes in open area on the east side of Timber-Linn Park, inflate them with hot air while tethered to the ground, and illuminate them in a series of patterns.

Please understand that weather makes a big difference on how the timing of the Night Glow will go. Depending on wind, the balloons might not be able to inflate for very long. We usually luck out and the winds cooperate but it is in mother natures hands.

Seating area opens at 1pm to put blankets and chairs down.

Please note: The night glow happens on Friday night only. (weather permitting)

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