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The City of Albany recognizes the contribution of special events to the city’s attractiveness for residents, tourists, and businesses. A Special Event Permit is required to use City-owned property when one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • The proposed event is reasonably likely to require road closures, traffic control, crowd control or other safety measures;
  • The proposed event is reasonably likely to involve more than 75 people;
  • Public right-of-way are impeded by the events activities;
  • Special circumstances which require (1) the coordinator of multiple uses of public property; (2) assuring the preservation of public property and public spaces; (3) prevention of dangerous, unlawful or impermissible uses; and/or (4) protection of the safety of persons and property around the event as determined by the City Manager or designee.

The permit process ensures that the activity meets legal requirements, allows the City to adequately schedule needed public services, and alerts affected neighborhoods and businesses.

Permit Application & Review

Permit Application & Review

Special Event Permit Application (for events of 75 or more people)

The City of Albany will review all requests and decide to permit the event based on the following considerations.

  • Safety of pedestrians and vehicles;
  • Overall impact on street access and traffic;
  • Impacts of other activities (events, construction) on the date(s) requested;
  • Number of times a neighborhood has been impacted by events in a one-year period;
  • Availability of City personnel and resources.

In the case of a schedule conflict or multiple events impacting a specific neighborhood, priority is given to City of Albany partnered events, then to others on a first-come, first-served basis. 

sep flowchart v2

Additional permits for Special Events of any size (if applicable)

Alcohol Permit: Beer and wine may be consumed in some parks with an approved permit. Use of hard liquor is not allowed in any park, at any time. Additionally, “no host bars” or the consumption of alcohol in conjunction with the sale of or charge for anything at an event requires an Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) permit. Alcohol use is in accordance with AMC 7.28.102-108.  Alcohol Permits are $25 and must be submitted along with the Special Event Permit application at least 60 days prior to the event.

Alcohol Permit

Fire Permit: A Fire Permit may be required, in addition to the Special Event permit, if your event utilizes tents, canopies or generators. Tents, canopies, and generators must be set-up, distanced, and powered in a way that ensures the safety of all participants. You can find more information about the Fire Permit and fee here.

Sound Permit: Use of amplified sound requires a separate sound permit as per AMC 5.08.120, AMC 7.08.050, and AMC 7.08.052.

Sound & Road Closure Permit

Additional permits for Special Events of less than 75 people (if applicable)

Road Closure permit: Temporary use of the public right-of-way that limits the unobstructed use of such by the general public requires a permit under AMC 13.33 and AMC 13.32.020. 

Sound & Road Closure Permit

Additional permits if your event of any size uses a City park facility (if applicable)

Park facility rental fees: If your event uses both public right-of-way and a City park facility, applicable park rental fees, in addition to Special Event Permit fees, will apply. Facility rental fees can be found on the park rentals page.

Vendor Permit: Vendors or organizations that sell food, alcohol and/or merchandise are required to submit a Vendor Permit if selling inside a park. Vendor Permit fees are $50 for each commercial vendor and $25 for each non-profit vendor participating in the event.  Vendor Permits must be submitted two (2) weeks prior to the event.  Vending is permitted in accordance with AMC 7.28.230. Contact Parks & Recreation at 541-917-7777 for details.

Vendor Permit

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