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The City of Albany distributes a community survey periodically to find out what citizens think about the city and the services you receive.

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National Community Survey, powered by Polco

The City of Albany partners with Polco to conduct the nationally-benchmarked National Community Survey (NCS). A statistically-valid invitation survey is sent to equal numbers of randomly-selected Albany households in each of Albany's three Council wards. Multi-family units are selected at a 5:3 ratio to single family units. Responses are weighted using demographics to more acurately represent sentiment in the Albany community. An online open participation survey is also available for a few weeks during the same period for anyone to fill out the same questions as the statistically-valid survey. 


The City of Albany will conduct the next Albany Community Survey in Fall 2026.


The 2023 survey was conducted November 28, 2023, through January 9, 2024, and included 1,000 invitations in each of the Council wards. Response rate was 14%.

2023 Result Summary


The first NCS survey in Albany was conducted November 19, 2020, through January 4, 2021, and included 1,500 invitations in each of the Council wards. Response rate was 11%.

2020 Result Summary

Previous Community Surveys

Prior to 2020, the City used a variety of other survey methods and companies.



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