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The new Storm Drainage System Development Charge (SDC) was adopted by City Council at the November 8, 2023, meeting. Building permit applications submitted on and after January 1, 2024, will be subject to the new Storm Drainage SDC as applicable. 

Storm Drainage SDCSDC Reimbursement
$/sf of impervious area*
SDC Improvement
$/sf of impervious area*
SDC Total
$/sf of impervious area*

First of five equal phase-in steps, effective January 1, 2024




Impervious area means those areas which prevent or impede the infiltration of storm-water into the soil as it entered in natural conditions prior to development. Common im-pervious areas include, but are not limited to, rooftops, sidewalks, walkways, patio areas, driveways, parking lots, storage areas, compacted gravel and soil surfaces, awnings and other fabric or plastic coverings. 

The adopted methodology Storm Drainage SDC of $0.5158 per square foot of impervious area is planned to be phased-in by Council action in in five equal steps. The above fee of $0.1032 is the first phase-in step. 

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