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We, the Albany City Council, care deeply about injustices that occur anywhere in our nation, and we understand the frustration of many of our fellow citizens who want meaningful change.

Protesting injustice is part of American history, and we recognize and fully support the right of our fellow citizens to demonstrate in protest of those injustices.

We cherish our City, and while we defend the right to protest, we also defend the rights of our citizens and businesses to live in safety and security.

As a community we are faced with many challenges: the coronavirus pandemic has stretched already scarce resources very thin.  Our police and fire departments have stood watch throughout the pandemic protecting us from the unseen threat of a virus.  We support our law enforcement as they continue to stand watch to help us maintain safety and security.

We support the rights of the people of Albany to speech and assembly.  We ask for all to do so peacefully.

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