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The City of Albany recognizes the impact of Governor Brown’s executive order related to the COVID-19 virus on local businesses and is offering to temporarily suspend water and sewer service and related utility bills. The action is intended to help businesses get through these critical weeks and months and on to recovery.

Closed businesses that are not using water or sewer services should contact the City utility billing office at 541-917-7547 to suspend those services and stop receiving utility bills until service resumes.

If your business has a fire sprinkler system or other private fire suppression system connected to the water meter, please make city staff aware of it when you call. Temporary suspension of service is still available, but the meter for the fire sprinkler would remain in service for fire protection.  If any water or sewer usage occurs while service is suspended, the account will be billed accordingly.

Questions? Call utility billing, 541-917-7547.

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